Today is February 23, 2018
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There are many reasons to be thankful and proud in 2011. The continued and more strengthened implementation of Boosted Utilization of Grains in Agusan del Sur (BUGAS), Program on Reform and Utilization of Trees in Agusan del Sur (PRUTAS), and Intensified and Sustainable Development of Aquaculture (ISDA) have once again embraced the bounty of the province and spurred economic opportunities for the Agusanon farmers.
This year's agricultural performance proved another facet of unrelenting efforts of the provincial government towards achieving sustainable agri-fishery development. Guided by its strategic plan, the Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) has coordinated the necessary instruments and provided appropriate environment to elicit participation and meaningful contribution of each stakeholder which resulted to this modest accomplishment.
The year 2009 saw the province of Agusan del Sur in the height of its endeavor towards achieving a sustainable agri-fishery development. The Provincial Agriculture Office, being the implementing arm of its various agricultural development programs/projects, worked conscientiously with other key players in the industry to pursue this end.
With bigger area suited for agriculture it follows that farmers is the majority group of households in the province. Spearheaded by the Provincial Agriculture Office great apportion of its goods and services are imperative to be delivered for these vital consumers. Intensification of innovations was introduced for its programs and projects that geared towards production enhancement of various commodities. These are not only to sustain or increase food sufficiency level but to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing farmers' and fisherfolks' productivity and improve level of income to reduce poverty incidence of the province.
The year 2007 offered every farmer and fisherfolk more access to agricultural services and opportunities to endeavor in a more productive undertaking. It brought even more challenges to the present leadership and stakeholders to invest in our potentials and sustain the gains we have had.
The year-in-review was just another year of the concerted efforts towards agricultural development in the province. Guided by this end, the provincial officialdom has institutionalized mechanisms in the implementation of various program/projects and allocated and sourced out fund to deliver the needed goods and services to its constituents. With the able leadership of Governor Adolph Edward G. Plaza and the active facilitation of his Economic Sector Coordinator, Mr. Christopher H. Lindo, these are successfully carried out and indeed brought out the desired impact.
In search of modern approaches to improve government delivery of goods and services that really bring significant change on the lives of the Agusanon far more better and eventually graduate some if not all from the doom of poverty, the EBP Management Team of Honorable Governor, Adolph Edward G. Plaza, spearheaded by his Economic Sector Coordinator, Christopher H. Lindo initiated various innovations and paradigm shifts.