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Provincial Agriculture Office

            In 1970, the Bureau of Agricultural Extension (BAEx), Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM), and Bureau of Agricultural Cooperative Development (BACOD) had established their field offices in the Province of Agusan del Sur. Each bureau had counterpart provincial paid employees acting as administrative and technical support services.  It is in this year that the first elected Provincial Governor appointed the first Provincial Agriculturist, Mr. Rosalino R. Ulit who headed the BAEx.  Other national offices were headed by national paid employees such as Mr. Nicanor E. Estenzo of the BPI, Mr. Godofredo P. Chavez of the BAI, Mr. Evaristo Sapida of the BSWM, Mr. Rudy B. Aguilar of the BACOD.  Following MR. Ulit was Mr. Pablo Mondejar who took charge as OIC-Provincial Agriculturist of BAEx, Agusan del Sur by the Provincial Local Executive Office, Hon. Valentina G. Plaza.

           In 1974, the bureaus were integrated and/or merged into one department, the Department of Agriculture, making them into divisions and was headed by Mr. Ruperto O. Eva, the Provincial Agriculturist.  It was in 1983 that the provincial leadership changes its direction which resulted to the separation and transfer of the provincial paid employees from the department of Agriculture.  The new established office, Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) had its separate identify having a recognized functional statement and implemented various agricultural programs and projects.  Mr. Eva handled two separate offices the Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) and the Department of Agriculture (DA). After few years some of the qualified technicians got the chance of occupying vacant national positions at the Department of Agriculture.

           In 1978, The Department of Agriculture was renamed as Ministry of Agriculture (MA) under PD 1397.  In 1984 under PD 965, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources established in Agusan del Sur as one division of the Ministry was first headed by Mr. Mabini Ragandang.  Later in 1987 under EO No. 116, the Ministry of Agriculture was again renamed into the Department of Agriculture.

           Effective July 1, 1988 Mr. Eva was appointed Provincial Agricultural Officer, a national plantilla position headed the Department of Agriculture. He was succeeded by Mr. Sotero M. Estremos as Provincial Agriculturist in October 16, 1988 headed the Provincial Agriculture Office.

           After the EDSA Revolution in 1986, at the height of the Revolutionary Government, there were movements of personnel to other offices for transfer and/or promotion. Came later was the Government Standardization which favors for the upgrading of all the plantilla positions in the provincial government including that of the Provincial Agriculture Office.

           On April 1993, the manpower, functions, funds and facilities of the Department of Agriculture was devolved to the Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur thru the Provincial Agriculture Office except the 1 unit BPI building and lot which was not included in the devolution.  The new office, as mandated by the Local Government Code known as the RA 7160, the Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) was still headed by Mr. Sotero M. Estremos while Mr. Eva opted to remain at the Regional Office, Cagayan de Oro City.

           In 1994-1885, Mr. Relan Ricardo C. Luig, who was then Security Officer IV acted as OIC of the PAO when Mr. Estremos was assigned at the ASERBAC, one of the offices of the Provincial Government. During this period, the Democrito O. Plaza governance refocused direction for agri-development program like rice production and crop production on mango, enforcement of quarantine and upgrading of animals.  The Battle Cock Breeding Project was established and the carabao “hemorrhagic attack” of the province was also controlled and prevented.  The Durian Outreach Program was started with the municipal mayors as the first beneficiaries to showed window to some other farmers.  He made the proposal of the Provincial Soils Laboratory and sent one (1) technical personnel to be trained on soil analysis.

           When Mr. Luig was assigned as OIC of the PENRO-LGU, Mr. Maximo M. Gegato, Jr. Asst. Provincial Agriculturist was designated as OIC-PA who was succeedingly appointed as Provincial Agriculturist on July 22, 1999.  It was in his leadership that the Province of Agusan del Sur thru the Provincial Agriculture Office garnered an Outstanding National Award as Unlad Ani Awardee in 2004 with a cash prize of Php 500,000.00.  In 2000, the Provincial Fish Hatchery which is located at the back of the Provincial Capitol was established.  This project caters the supply of fingerlings for the fisher folks in the 14 municipalities.  Other support facilities established were Provincial Soils Laboratory in 2002, Banana Plant Tissue Laboratory in 2007, Trichoderma Laboratory in 2008 and Vermi Production Project in 2010.

           After Mr. Gegato availed of the packaged retirement, Engr. Armando C. Lagumbay, Sr., Asst. Provincial Agriculturist acted as the OIC-PA from August 1, 2010 to December 15, 2011. Fortunately, the Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur thru the Provincial Agriculture Office again garnered as one of the national awardees as “Rice Achievers” of 2011 with the cash price of 4M worth of projects.  Engr. Lagumbay then was followed by Engr. Deanna P. Fudalan, Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator as concurrent OIC for the period December 2011 to April 2012.

           Having been in the service for years and in pursuant to the Provincial Ordinance No. 36 series of 2009 and Ordinance Reorganizing PGAS, there were 19 regular employees of the Provincial Agriculture Office availed of the package retirement as provided in Section 12 and 13 of the Ordinance.

           Presently, the Provincial Agriculture Office is spearheaded by Dr. Joriz G. Elevazo, DVM, Provincial Veterinarian as the Officer-In-Charge effective April 16, 2012. Since then the Office has change its new strategic direction into Upland Development as a toll for the economic growth of the farmer constituents.  As of July 1, 2012 there are 55 employees: 39 regulars, 3 casuals, 2 contractuals and 11 Job Orders. Two of the regular employees were detailed as Head of BAC Secretariat and the other as driver of the RTC Judge Branch 6, Gov. D.O. Plaza Government Center, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.


Date published: November 2012

Prepared by: Crispina M. Getubig